People wont get it. FOR REAL.

Been through a life-changing experience 7 months ago really teach me something. Graduated from Unisel on August 2015 and the most unexpected thing is right after finished FYP (final year paper gal) i instantly jump into working phase. Without a help from my very good friend maybe i wouldnt get this honored opportunities (THANK YOU!). For me it wasnt hard at all to adapt with working phase environment because since i was small working in the office is my target (berangan can wear nice clothes, impressive makeup and get my own salary ESPECIALLY SHOPPING using your own money ! OMG, HAPPY SEYH). But as we grew older, we learnt and met soooo many thing(trust me its real). For me, we go through certain things in life that other people can’t really understand as they don’t go through the same thing as we do (NO ONE WILL UNDERSTAND YOUR SITUATION FOR REAL).

I heard some people been through the same thing like i do, but for real, people will not get the real feeling or understand it because they arent in our shoes. YES ! We can share what we felt but then it only to lessen the burden we feel inside. (SYUKUR TO ALLAH SWT FOR THOSE FEELINGS)

Nikmat apa lagi yang aku nak dustakan? Families? Friends? Career? Alhamdulillah, semua lengkap memadai dengan kehidupan sekarang ni. What else that i want in my life?? Been fighting against feeling sometimes bring me down. I lost sometimes, but its okay as long as i believe in myself when no one else does. 

It is these feelings that drive me nuts. MOOD SWING BERPANJANGAN IS A NORM FOR ME (really?). It is these feelings that make me to be who i am now. Its okay to be not okay because everyone have their own feelings and we deserve to be what we want. Choices in our hand not theirs. 



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